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Participating Teams 2009

Click on highlighted teams and individuals for Introduction Video.
No. University / University Colleges Team Members
1 Advance Tertiary College, Malaysia Ms. Kwong Chiew Ee - LLB Year 2
Ms. Rebecca Yuvonne - LLB Year 2
Mr. Daniel Bong - LLB Year 2
Ms. Irene Kam Sok Khuan (Coach)
2 City University of Hong Kong Ms. Kwok Hei Yin, Barbara - LLB (Hons.) Year 4
Ms. Chan Sum Yi, Priscilla - Juris Doctor Year 2
Mr. Chan Ka Hang, Louie - LLB (Hons) Year 1
Mr. Rajesh Sharma (Coach)
3 Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam Ms. Thi Hieu Minh Ho - Bachelor of Arts Year 3
Ms. Thi Minh Thu Dam - Bachelor of Arts Year 3
Ms. Hai Yen Tran - Bachelor of Arts Year 3
Ms. Ngoc Thanh Vy Huynh (Coach)
4 Edith Cowan University Perth, West Australia Ms. Rebecca Roberts - Bachelor of Laws Year 5
Mr. Grant Narby - Bachelor of Laws Year 3
Mr. Simon Mark Keay - Bachelor of Laws Year 3
Mr. Michael Crowley (Coach)
5 Handong International Law School, South Korea Ms. Jang Hyemin - Juris Doctor, Year 3
Ms. Lee Seo Young - Juris Dcotor, Year 2
Ms Sung Jihye - Juris Doctor, Year 2
Mr. David Eggert (Coach)
6 Ho Chi Minh City, University of Law , Vietnam Mr. Le, Nguyen Duy Hau - LLB Year 4
Mr. Luong, The Huy - LLB Year 4
Ms. Nguyen, Vu Quynh Trang - LLB Year 4
Mrs. Ha, Thi Thanh Binh (Coach)
7 Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Ms. Carol Pey Hui Fen - LLB Hons Year 2
Ms. Athirah Bt Mohd Anuar - LLB Hons Year 2
Ms. Farah Eileena Bt Hussein - LLB Hons Year 2
Mr. Azizullah Kinayatullah (Coach)
8 Loyola Law School Los Angeles, USA Mr. David Gregory Cragg, Jr. - JD Year 3
Mr. Stephen Hsu - JD Year 3
Ms. Jennie N. Vu - JD Year 3
Mr. John Mc Dermott (Coach)
9 National Law School of India University, Bangalore, India Ms. Bhavishyavani R. - LLB (Hons.) Year 4
Ms. Brunda K. L. - LLB (Hons.) Year 4
Ms. Chitralekha Das - B.A, LLB (Hons.) Year 4
Mr. Sairam Bhat (Coach)
10 National Law University, Delhi, India Mr. Sameer Dawar - LLB Year 2
Mr. Vishwam Jindal - LLB Year 2
Mr. Nishith Mishra - LLB Year 2
Prof. (Dr.) Ghanshyam Singh (Coach)
11 National University of Singapore Mr. Tan Hong Ming - LLB Law, Year 4
Ms. Yap Hao Jin - LLB Law, Year 4
Mr. Lee Zu Zhao - LLB Law, Year 4
Mr. Lim Lei Theng(Coach)
12 Pusan National University, South Korea Ms. Cho Su Yeon - Bachelors of Law, Year 3
Mr Lee UnHo - Bachelors of Law, Year 3
Mr. Kim Heungil - JD(Juris Doctor), Year 1
Mr. Sohn Taewoo (Coach)
13 The Chinese University of Hong Kong Mr. Peter Chang - PCLL
Ms Janet Tang - LLB Law, Year 2
Ms Candy Au - LLB Law, Year 2
Mr. Michael Ramsden (Coach)
14 Tsinghua University, China Mr. Zhu Cai - Law Year 3
Ms. Bihong Qiu - Law Year 3
Ms. Jiahui Sun - Law Year 3
Mr. WeiXiang Lim (Coach)
15 The University of Hong Kong Ms. Felda Yeung Tsz Tung - LLB Year 4
Mr. Martin Ho Cheuk Hang - LLB Year 4
Mr. Wing Chan - LLB Year 4
Mr. Earl Deng (Coach)
16 Singapore Management University Ms. Fu Qui Jun - LLB Law, Year 3
Mr. Russell Low Tzeh Shyian - LLB Law, Year 3
Ms. Eunice Lim Shu Xian - LLB Law, Year 3
Mr. Paul Tan (Coach)
17 University of Philippines Diliman Mr. Gerard Joseph M. Jumamil - Juris Doctor, Year 5
Ms. Frances Joy J. Cordon - Juris Doctor, Year 3
Ms. Golda Gigi G. Minoza - Juris Doctor, Year 3
Mrs. Rowena Daroy-Morales (Coach)
18 University of Queensland, Australia Mr. Jules Moxon - Bachelor of Economics/Bachelor of Laws, Year 3
Mr. Tim Mason - Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws, Year 3
Ms. Wylie Nun - Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Law, Year 5
Mr. Gill Richardson (Coach)
* Teams will draw lots to determine which Group they will be placed.

Friday, 18 September 2009